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Research & Development Centre

About the C.Y O’Connor Village Foundation:


The C Y O’Connor ERADE Village Foundation is a charitable organisation that supports Education, Research and Development and Employment in Western Australia. The Foundation provides the infrastructure, resources and funds to nurture and develop innovative young researchers. The business incubators have been built with the support of an AusIndustry grant funded by the federal Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources. The Village has a multidisciplinary ethos while maintaining key areas of research in Immunogenetics, Livestock Genetics, Evolutionary Biology and Renewable Energy.


Company Overview:

C Y O’Connor ERADE Village Foundation seeks to harness the intellect of young Australian postgraduates whilst maintaining extensive collaboration with leading institutes overseas. Recently expanding into multidisciplinary science in fields such as bioenergy, information technology, natural products, recycling and water, the core technology is interrogation of genetic information. The aims include understanding of human evolution in the context of disease including retroviruses, identification of new genetic markers via genomic prospecting and development of diagnostic tests for inherited traits in numerous species of medical and commercial interest such as cattle, dogs, fish and invertebrates.


Product Service / Information:

The C Y O’Connor Education Research and Development Employment (ERADE) Village Foundation is a charitable Foundation that conducts independent and sponsored research and administers a federally funded technology incubator. The Foundation has available low-cost two-storey R&D studios including accommodation if required, central laboratory facilities, conference rooms, visitor accommodation and sophisticated intranet with broadband connection. Fellowships are awarded to outstanding researchers to assist them in commercialisation of their R&D. Industry and government funding have established the Village as a multi-million dollar R&D and commercial centre following a model that is being replicated at the Albany Research Institute.

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